Cyber security stats.

firewall You may not think much of it, but having a next-gen firewall could save your business from a serious catastrophic cyber security attack. Current malware and hacking attempts have become extremely sophisticated so it would be a good idea to have one. Next-gen firewalls provide a centralised threat management platform to cover all aspects of security. We partner with Fortinet to deliver a solution for your business and...

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Image of a solar farm.

Thailand is building solar plants that will float on water at dams and reservoirs. Installing them on water is a good idea as it can help prevent evaporation from occurring with the water and they will not take up any space on land. The plans are to build eight solar panel farms across Thailand that can produce up to 1 gigawatt in total capacity. The first solar...

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Image of google maps directions with AR.

AR (Augmented reality) technology will soon be used within google maps. A new feature coming soon to the app will use AR navigation technology to display what direction you need to go using your phone's camera. A visual guide on how to reach your destination.     The technology compares your phone's camera data with google's street view data to then understand what direction you are facing. After...

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