Leveraging Collaborative Synergies for Superior IT Solutions

Empowering Success through Strategic Partnerships.

At Managed Services Australia, we deeply appreciate the power of cooperation and alliance. We take immense pride in our extensive partnerships, encompassing a broad spectrum of top-tier companies, regulatory bodies, and community endeavors. These strategic collaborations are pivotal in enhancing our service offerings and in achieving our mission to deliver outstanding IT solutions.

Vendor Partnerships.

We collaborate with leading technology companies globally to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions. Our partnerships include recognised names such as HP, AAPT, Exetel, 3CX, Vultr, TPP Wholesale, ConnectWise, Synergy, AWS, Mailguard, Microsoft, Veeam, Telstra, E-Fax Corporate, Seventeen Services, N-able, Spirit, NBN, Fortinet, Telechoice, BrightGauge, Solarwinds, and Symbio. These partnerships enable us to bring you the best in innovation, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Collaborating with leading global technology firms.
  • Offering innovative IT solutions through strategic alliances.
  • Partnering with vendors for enhanced efficiency and reliability.
  • Broad vendor network enables access to cutting-edge technologies.

Governing Organisations.

Our commitment to superior IT services involves adherence to practices and regulations set by governing organisations. We proudly comply with standards from TIO, NBN, and Sustainability Victoria, illustrating our commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellent service management.

  • Adhering to standards set by regulatory bodies.
  • Complying with TIO, NBN, and Sustainability Victoria regulations.
  • Promoting quality and sustainability in service management.
  • Upholding governance, demonstrating commitment to responsible IT services.


Managed Services Australia holds accreditations from esteemed institutions reflecting our dedication to industry-leading practices and technical proficiency. We are accredited by CompTIA, Microsoft, 3CX, IIBA, and Prince2. These certifications underline our promise to stay on the cutting edge of IT service provision.

  • Boasting accreditations from esteemed industry institutions.
  • Certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, 3CX, and IIBA.

  • Prince2 accreditation reflects project management excellence.
  • Our certifications: a testament to technical proficiency.

Corporate Partnerships.

Our corporate partnerships help us to extend the breadth of our services, enhancing our offerings, and ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients. We have forged alliances with ReadyGrad, Performance Education, and BNI, signifying our commitment to holistic business solutions and growth.

  • Building alliances with ReadyGrad and Performance Education.
  • Collaborating with BNI for extensive business solutions.
  • Corporate partnerships aimed at holistic client services.
  • Emphasising mutual growth through strong corporate relationships.

Community Programs.

At Managed Services Australia, we believe in the power of community. We participate in various outreach programs such as the Knox All Stars Junior Basketball Club, Tee Up for Kids, Bridge Builders, and Hope4Tomorrow. Our initiatives focus on fostering digital literacy, promoting cyber safety, and lending IT support to local non-profits.

  • Sponsoring local youth sports clubs for community engagement.
  • Participating in initiatives for children’s welfare and development.
  • Collaborating on community projects for societal improvement.
  • Providing IT support and fostering digital literacy locally.

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