Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your critical data with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Minimises downtime during unforeseen events.

  • Safeguards critical business data.

  • Ensures business continuity and resilience.

  • Streamlines recovery after data loss.

Business Internet Services

Stay connected with our reliable and fast business internet services.

  • Ensures uninterrupted online business operations.

  • Supports bandwidth-intensive applications.

  • Enhances collaboration with high-speed connections.

  • Improves customer service response times.

Business Voice Services

Boost communication efficiency with our business voice solutions.

  • Improves customer service interactions.

  • Enhances team collaboration and communication.

  • Scales easily with business growth.

  • Reduces traditional telephony costs.

Cloud Services

Transition to the cloud seamlessly with our expert cloud services.

  • Enables scalable IT infrastructure.

  • Enhances data accessibility and collaboration.

  • Reduces capital expenditure on IT.

  • Boosts business continuity and disaster recovery.

Cyber Security

Secure your business with our advanced cyber security measures.

  • Defends against evolving cyber threats.

  • Protects sensitive business information.

  • Builds trust with customers.

  • Ensures compliance with security standards.

Domain & Website Hosting

Establish your online presence with our domain registration and hosting services.

  • Enhances online visibility and branding.

  • Provides secure and reliable hosting environment.

  • Enables swift website scaling.

  • Supports SEO efforts and rankings.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling

Dispose of your electronic waste responsibly with our recycling services.

  • Promotes sustainable business practices.

  • Reduces environmental impact.

  • Ensures legal compliance for disposal.

  • Protects sensitive data during disposal.

Email & Data Migration

Migrate your data and emails safely with our expert migration services.

  • Ensures seamless transition with minimal disruption.

  • Protects data integrity during migration.

  • Facilitates smooth consolidation or change.

  • Eliminates risks associated with data migration.

IT Consulting

Leverage our expert guidance to optimise your IT operations.

  • Enables strategic IT decision-making.

  • Boosts efficiency through technology optimisation.

  • Reduces IT-related costs.

  • Facilitates innovation and competitive advantage.

IT Procurement

Equip your business with the right IT assets through our procurement services.

  • Simplifies IT hardware and software acquisition.

  • Guarantees value for money purchases.

  • Reduces risk associated with IT investments.

  • Supports your evolving technology needs.

IT Support

Resolve your IT issues promptly with our professional support.

  • Minimises business disruption from IT issues.

  • Provides access to IT experts.

  • Enhances user satisfaction and productivity.

  • Supports continuous business operation.

Managed Contact Centre

Improve customer interactions with our managed contact centre solutions.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Improves operational efficiency.

  • Offers scalable solution for business growth.

  • Provides data insights for service improvement.

Managed IT Services

Experience hassle-free IT management with our comprehensive solutions.

  • Ensures constant IT system monitoring.

  • Provides proactive troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Frees up resources for core business.

  • Increases overall business productivity.

Microsoft 365

Enhance productivity with our Microsoft 365 deployment and support.

  • Enables efficient collaboration across teams.

  • Offers seamless access to Microsoft tools.

  • Enhances data security and compliance.

  • Supports remote work capabilities.

Network & Device Monitoring

Safeguard your network and devices with our 24/7 monitoring services.

  • Detects issues before they escalate.

  • Improves network performance and reliability.

  • Protects against cyber threats.

  • Ensures optimal device performance.

vCIO & Technology Strategy

Steer your business forward with our virtual CIO and strategic tech planning.

  • Aligns IT strategies with business goals.

  • Ensures effective IT governance.

  • Enables digital transformation initiatives.

  • Mitigates IT risks and uncertainties.

The Stabil-Lime Group's truck performing lime stabilisation, powered by Managed IT Services from Managed Services Australia.
The Stabil-Lime Group of Companies

Since partnering with MSA for our IT services over four years ago, we haven’t looked back.

Since partnering with MSA, they’ve seamlessly handled our operations across multiple sites in Australia, freeing me to concentrate on the future-oriented aspects of our business. With Managed Services Australia as our partner, our nationwide presence is efficiently managed.

Glen Pendavingh

IT Manager – The Stabil-Lime Group

Valuable Benefits.


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