Comprehensive SMS Integration for Enhanced Business Connectivity.

Our 3CX SMS Integration offers a unified communication solution that transforms how your business connects with clients and team members. By incorporating your existing mobile number into the 3CX app, we provide a streamlined platform for all your messaging needs, ensuring improved workflow and enhanced customer engagement.


Increase in response time to customer queries.


Improvement in internal communication efficiency.


Growth in customer engagement rates.

Key Features of Our 3CX SMS Integration.

Explore the core features of our 3CX SMS Integration, each designed to enhance your business communication in unique ways. Compare how each feature contributes to a more connected and efficient business environment.

Overcoming Communication Barriers in Modern Business.

In the digital age, businesses face unique challenges in maintaining effective communication. Our 3CX SMS Integration addresses these obstacles head-on.

Local Australian-Based Service

Our 3CX SMS Integration service stands out by being 100% Australian-based. This means better local support, understanding of Australian business culture and compliance with local regulations.

Cost-Effective Communication Solutions

Unlike many competitors who offer expensive packages with unnecessary features, our 3CX SMS Integration is designed to give you exactly what you need: efficient, reliable messaging at a price that makes sense for your business.

Integrating Diverse Communication Platforms

Unify various messaging channels into one streamlined system.

Maintaining Real-Time Communication

Ensure instant, reliable messaging for urgent business needs.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Utilise advanced features to improve interaction with clients.

Streamlining Workflow

Simplify communication processes for better team coordination.

Adapting to Mobile-First Strategies

Embrace mobile communication without losing functionality or professionalism.

Customers that made the right choice.

Start Your Journey Towards Enhanced Business Messaging Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is 3CX SMS Integration?

A service that allows you to send and receive SMS messages through the 3CX app using your new or existing mobile number.

How does it improve my business communication?

By providing real-time messaging, emoji support, and a unified platform for all messaging needs.

Can I port my existing mobile number?

Yes, our service allows you to easily port your current number into the 3CX system.

Is it possible to register a new number for SMS communication?

Absolutely, you can register a new number specifically for your business communication.

How does this service enhance customer engagement?

By offering a more personalised and responsive messaging experience.

Is the integration process complicated?

Not at all, our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free migration to the new system.

Can I access this service from anywhere?

Yes, as long as you have reliable internet access, you can use our service from any location.

How secure is the 3CX SMS Integration?

We prioritise security, ensuring that all communications are encrypted and protected.

How does the emoji support enhance my SMS communications?

Emoji support in our SMS integration allows for more expressive and engaging messages, making your business communications more relatable and humanised, which can positively impact customer interaction and satisfaction.

Does the 3CX SMS Integration support multimedia messaging (MMS)?

Currently, our 3CX SMS Integration focuses on text-based messaging, including emoji support. While multimedia messaging (MMS) isn’t supported in the current version, we are continually updating our services to meet diverse communication needs. Stay tuned for future enhancements!

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