Building Contact Centres from Scratch: Creating Tailored Customer Engagement Solutions.

At Managed Services Australia, we specialise in building contact centres from the ground up, providing organisations with tailored solutions for effective customer engagement. Our expertise and experience allow us to design and implement contact centres that align with your unique business requirements, enabling you to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business success.

Comprehensive Contact Centre Design

We start by understanding your specific business objectives and customer engagement goals. Our team collaborates closely with you to design a contact centre that caters to your organisation’s unique needs. From defining the infrastructure and technology requirements to determining the optimal layout and workflow, we create a comprehensive design blueprint for your contact centre.

Technology and Infrastructure Setup

We handle all aspects of technology and infrastructure setup for your contact centre. This includes selecting and deploying the appropriate contact centre software, implementing robust telephony systems, configuring network infrastructure, and integrating necessary tools for efficient operations. Our expertise ensures that your contact centre has a solid technological foundation.

Training and Agent Onboarding

We provide comprehensive training and agent onboarding programs to equip your contact centre staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. Our training covers customer service best practices, product or service knowledge, effective communication techniques, and adherence to compliance standards. This ensures that your agents are well-prepared to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Custom Contact Centre Software Development

We develop custom contact centre software solutions that are tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our team works closely with you to gather requirements, design workflows, and create intuitive interfaces that empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Whether you require a comprehensive contact centre application or specific modules, we can develop software that aligns with your unique requirements.

CRM Integration for Seamless Data Flow

We integrate our contact centre software with your CRM system to ensure a seamless flow of customer data. By connecting our contact centre software and your CRM, you can centralise customer information, provide agents with comprehensive customer profiles, and enable a personalised and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Integration eliminates data silos, reduces manual data entry, and enhances agent productivity.

Streamlined Workflows and Process Automation

Our contact centre software development focuses on streamlining workflows and automating processes. We identify areas where automation can enhance efficiency, such as call routing, customer data retrieval, and task management. By automating repetitive tasks, your agents can focus on delivering exceptional customer service, leading to improved productivity and reduced operational costs.

Comprehensive Managed Contact Centre Solutions for Optimal Customer Engagement.

Our Managed Contact Centre services encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective customer support. From scalable infrastructure to skilled agents, we provide end-to-end management of your contact centre, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing operational costs.

Overcoming Key Challenges in Managed Contact Centre Solutions.

Managing a contact centre can be complex and resource-intensive. Our Managed Contact Centre services are designed to help you overcome these challenges by providing expert support, advanced technology, and tailored solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

Legacy Systems and Infrastructure

Many contact centres still rely on outdated legacy systems and infrastructure that may not be compatible with modern technology solutions. Integrating new technologies with legacy systems can be complex and time-consuming, hindering operational efficiency and agility.

Siloed Systems and Data

Contact centres often have multiple systems for different functions, resulting in data silos. Disconnected systems make it challenging to obtain a holistic view of customer interactions and hinder effective data-driven decision-making.

Lack of Omnichannel Capabilities

Meeting customer expectations for seamless omnichannel experiences is a challenge for contact centres. Integrating and managing multiple communication channels, such as voice, email, chat, social media, and messaging apps, in a unified manner requires robust omnichannel technology solutions.

Integration Challenges

Integrating contact centre technology with other business systems, such as CRM platforms, customer databases, or workforce management tools, can be complex. Ensuring smooth data flow and seamless information exchange between systems is crucial for efficient operations and personalised customer interactions.

Scalability and Flexibility

Contact centres need to be able to scale their technology infrastructure and capabilities to meet fluctuating call volumes and business demands. Scaling up or down quickly and efficiently, while maintaining service levels, can be a significant challenge.

Data Security and Privacy

Handling sensitive customer information requires robust data security measures to protect against data breaches and maintain compliance with data protection regulations. Implementing and maintaining strong security protocols across contact centre technology platforms is crucial.

Technology Training and Adoption

Keeping up with advancements in contact centre technology and ensuring agents are well-trained to use the technology effectively can be a challenge. Providing comprehensive training programs and ongoing support is essential to maximise the benefits of contact centre technology solutions.


There’s so many different layers of things that we need.

“As a Contact Centre, there’s so many different layers of things that we need. Efficient cloud based emails that we can access anywhere, server, telephony that integrates with our CRM so that we can conveniently click on a phone number to be able to call a student. Managed Services Australia onboard the new user, within 24 hours we’ve got that user set up well ahead of time we’ve got the machine ordered and delivered within days making sure that everything is working and they are able to get straight into the role within hours of them starting. “

David Cannizzo

CEO – Careerhouse

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What industries do your Managed Contact Centre services cater to?

Our Managed Contact Centre services cater to a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, technology, and more.

How do you ensure the quality of your agents?

Our agents undergo rigorous training and assessment processes to ensure they possess the required skills and expertise to provide exceptional customer support.

Can you handle seasonal fluctuations in customer support demand?

Yes, our Managed Contact Centre services are designed to seamlessly scale to accommodate fluctuations in customer support demand, ensuring consistent service levels.

How do you measure customer satisfaction?

We utilise various metrics, such as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and First Contact Resolution (FCR), to measure customer satisfaction and drive continuous improvement.

Can you integrate with our existing customer support tools and systems?

Yes, our Managed Contact Centre services can be integrated with your existing tools and systems to ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Are your Managed Contact Centre services available in multiple languages?

Yes, we offer multilingual support to cater to your diverse customer base.

How do you ensure data security and compliance?

We adhere to strict security protocols and industry best practices to safeguard your customer data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

What is the pricing structure for your Managed Contact Centre services?

Our pricing structure is flexible and depends on factors such as the size of your customer base, support channels, and service levels. Please contact us for a customised quote.

Can we transition from our in-house contact centre to your Managed Contact Centre services?

Yes, we can help you transition from an in-house contact centre to our Managed Contact Centre services, ensuring minimal disruption to your customer support operations.

How quickly can your Managed Contact Centre services be implemented?

The implementation timeline depends on the complexity of your customer support operations and the required integrations. However, we aim to have your Managed Contact Centre up and running as quickly as possible.

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