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Security researchers at Google have called 2020 the year of zero-day exploits owing to the large number of these vulnerabilities that were detected and fixed last year. In a year-in-review post, the researchers shared that while they are still a long way off from detecting the zero-day exploits in the wild, surprisingly a quarter of them stem from previously disclosed vulnerabilities and could have easily been...

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Image of a Fortinet Fortigate 30E Firewall

Are you prepared for when ransomware attacks?   Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware that can be distributed. It is a widely used method of attack and can risk the loss of all your files.   Ransomware can come from many different types of sources such as Email, transferred within your network or even from someone plugging in a USB.   Unless you have regular backups that...

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Image of updating laptop.

It is always important to keep your software up to date. Software is updated because over time people may discover flaws and issues within the software. These issues would have not been known during development. That is why updates are pushed out regularly to help ensure your computer is stable.   Security Flaws Security updates help ensure that your system is fully protected from known security flaws. These...

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