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Mail Migrations & Mail Security.


September 30, 2021

We have recently completed a few migrations for our customers. We have migrated data from their existing server to a new SharePoint site and have also moved them from an existing Microsoft 365 tenant that was shared, into a brand new Microsoft 365 tenant with just their own domain in use while maintaining Mail Security.

Switching to Microsoft 365 from another email server can be a very big project for your business and can sometimes seem like a scary move to make. We can make the transition to Microsoft 365 a smooth experience and provide you access to your new email solution with minimal downtime.

Blocking Malicious Emails

Ever since the pandemic started there has been an increase in sophisticated phishing emails as more and more people started to work from home. Therefore, we also implement MailGuard along with 365 as a measure to ensure Mail Security and make sure that malicious e-mails get blocked before they hit your mailbox.

Mail Migrations & Mail Security

Additional Security

Another security measure we also implement is Multi-factor Authentication. Multi-factor Authentication requires you to use an alternative authentication method when logging in to your Microsoft 365 portal. So instead of only using your password to login, you will also be required to enter a One-Time Password from either a mobile authenticator app on your phone or an SMS code that will get sent to your mobile number. This method of authentication is designed to keep anyone that does not have your phone in their possession out of your account. According to Microsoft, having MFA in place can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.

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