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AR Is The Next Big New Feature For Google Maps.


February 14, 2019

Navigating the maze of city streets or country lanes will never be the same again. With Augmented Reality (AR) becoming a focal point for Google Maps, our journey is set to become more interactive, intuitive, and downright futuristic!

Mapping the World through Augmented Lenses

The very essence of Google Maps is about to be revolutionised. With AR integration, not only will you know where to go, but visual cues will guide your every step, making your travels smoother than ever before.

How Does AR in Google Maps Function?

  1. Camera Collaboration: By simply using your phone’s camera, Google Maps will capture real-world surroundings.
  2. Data Fusion: This visual data is then synced with Google’s extensive Street View information, ensuring the app recognises your current orientation.
  3. Guided AR Navigation: Once your direction is determined, prominent arrows and indicators pop up on your screen, guiding you towards your destination seamlessly.

Awaiting the AR Revolution

While we’re all keen on stepping into this augmented world, Google is ensuring the experience is flawless. Currently, the feature is in its testing phase, accessible to a limited number of users. But once Google perfects this technology, the way we perceive and utilise navigation tools will be radically transformed.

Discover the intricacies of Google’s AR endeavour in this detailed article.

Technological Innovations: A Window to Tomorrow

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