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Why Your Business Should Adapt an IP-PBX Phone System.


October 7, 2021

For a new business that is starting up you can always get by with one telephone line to your office. However, as the business grows you may need to add more phones for your staff who may be located on-site or even spread out remotely. Things can get complicated with more telephone lines and numbers and this could potentially balloon up your expenses. Therefore, the best and the most efficient way to overcome this issue is by implementing an IP-PBX phone system for your business.

Modern IP-PBX systems are fully computerised, and they use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make phone calls. Even though it may sound more complicated than your regular telephone line system, VoIP and PBX technology makes things much easier to manage. Some of the benefits an IP-PBX system can provide are scalability, manageability, and a plethora of enhanced features. An industry leading PBX software is 3CX, and we at Managed Services Australia recommend 3CX due to its compatibility with most modern IP-Phones and the scalability that it provides.

Business adapting an IP-PBX Phone System

Features of 3CX

IP-PBX software such as 3CX provides a “Digital Receptionist” feature; an automated call attendant that answers incoming calls automatically and provides the customer with an interactive options menu that helps route their calls to the right person or department. All things considered a modern IP-PBX system is the right solution, whether your business is small-scale, medium, or large as it offers functionality that will suit your business however you like.

As a Managed Services Provider, we fully manage the technical side of things such as setting up, provisioning all users to the network, and our staff will deliver 24/7 support for your 3CX systems to accommodate all your needs and make sure you are always connected.

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