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Web Meetings with 3CX.


August 9, 2019

Take your web meetings to the next level with the user-friendly interface and robust features of 3CX.

Highlights of Web Meetings with 3CX:

📹 No Special Requirements: Unlike some platforms that necessitate every participant to have the application installed, 3CX offers flexibility. Participants can join the meeting without any need to download or install 3CX.

👥 Supports Large Groups: Whether you’re discussing team projects or hosting a webinar, 3CX has you covered. It can smoothly support conferences with up to 250 participants, ensuring everyone gets their say.

📆 Scheduled Conferencing: Avoid the hassle of last-minute reminders and links. With 3CX, you can schedule your meetings in advance. Attendees receive emails containing a direct link to the meeting – just click and join.

👀 Experience It Yourself: Not sure if 3CX is the right fit for you? Why not try it out! Register for a live demo and experience the seamless integration and functionality of web meetings with 3CX.

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