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UPS, The Extreme Importance Of Using Them To Protect Your Systems.


January 30, 2019

In today’s digital age, even a brief power outage can wreak havoc on businesses, causing data loss, equipment damage, and unexpected downtime. Recent events across Victoria stand testament to the crucial role of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems.

The Victoria Power Crisis: A Wake-up Call

As the mercury soared, Victoria bore witness to an unprecedented heatwave. The resultant surge in power demand triggered power outages and volatile surges across several customer sites. Tragically, businesses without a robust UPS bore the brunt of the crisis.

The High Stakes of Power Surges

Power anomalies don’t just momentarily disrupt; they can:

  1. Damage Critical Equipment: Devices are vulnerable to power surges, with hard drives being particularly susceptible.
  2. Corrupt Vital Data: From operating systems to valuable company information, data corruption can be catastrophic.
  3. Induce Unforeseen Costs: The financial repercussions of downtime and data recovery can be steep.
The Backbone of Your Business

The UPS Imperative

Integrating a UPS is non-negotiable for businesses. Here’s why:

  1. Protection from Surges & Outages: A UPS safeguards systems, allowing them to shut down gracefully during power anomalies, preventing damage and data loss.
  2. Choosing the Right UPS: Not all UPS systems are created equal. Underpowered units won’t suffice. A bare minimum of 1.50 kVA is recommended for most server environments.
  3. Cost-effective Strategy: Investing in a UPS might seem like an added expense, but when weighed against potential outage costs, it’s a clear win.

The events in Victoria underscore the gravity of proactive power management. Don’t leave your business vulnerable; invest in a UPS today.

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