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Machine Learning Can Track What Part Of A Surface Is Tapped On.


March 12, 2018

There’s a revolution brewing in the technological landscape, and it’s being propelled by the confluence of machine learning and vibration sensors.

The British Innovation

A groundbreaking initiative from a U.K.-based company is redefining the way we perceive smart objects. By deploying specialised vibration sensors and harnessing the power of machine learning, they’re transforming ordinary objects into interactive, smart entities. This isn’t just a step forward; it’s a giant leap.

Every Tap Counts

Imagine tapping different parts of a surface, and each tap holds a distinct meaning. From car doors to tabletops, every surface could potentially become a smart interface. The ramifications of this technology extend far beyond mere convenience; it promises to reshape industries, user experiences, and our daily lives.

Experience the Magic

The video showcased below is more than just a demonstration—it’s a glimpse into the future. Watch as the presenter taps various sections of a car door, each touch evoking a different response.

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