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April 12, 2018

Hard drive data recovery process in a lab in Melbourne

In the digital age, the significance of data is paramount. However, unforeseen accidents like fires, floods, or simple mechanical failures can lead to what seems like irreversible data loss. At Managed Services Australia, we believe in a simple mantra: There’s always a way to retrieve what’s lost.

Navigating the Data Jungle

From waterlogged phones to scorched hard drives, we’ve encountered and overcome a plethora of challenges, restoring data from even the most adverse conditions. Our speciality lies in forensic data recovery — an art of reviving data from devices besieged by environmental catastrophes, mechanical failures, and more.

Jeffrey Khoury’s Turnaround Story

Jeffrey, a respected Wealth Advisor at ANZ, recently confronted every tech user’s nightmare. His iPhone, which was not just a communication tool but also a treasure trove of invaluable photos and critical data, suffered extensive water damage. The possibility of losing such personal mementos and vital information was daunting.

The Backbone of Your Business

Yet, here’s what Jeffrey recounts:

“After my iPhone met with a water mishap, I was on the brink of accepting the loss of irreplaceable photos and crucial data. This challenging phase taught me two things: the importance of regular backups and the magic touch of Christopher Angrakian from Managed Services Australia. With his expertise, what seemed lost was revived. Immense gratitude to Chris for bringing back what we thought was gone forever!”

Empowered by Success Stories

Testimonies like Jeffrey’s propel our drive to innovate and serve better. We don’t just recover data; we restore memories, revive critical business files, and most importantly, reinstate peace of mind.

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