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Elevating Business Growth: How Managed Services Australia Streamlined Courses Education’s Acquisition Journey.


October 5, 2023

Navigating through the intricate process of business acquisition and its consequent integration is no straightforward task. At Managed Services Australia, we not only recognise these complexities but also dedicate ourselves to smoothen your journey. Our recent collaboration with Courses Education, the maestros of online education, illustrates a significant leap in executing meticulous IT strategies during a pivotal business acquisition.

Courses Education (Courses4me) has engraved its name as a pioneer in the online education sector, boasting decades of rich experience in orchestrating both public and private education. With a keen eye on creating an immersive, accessible, and innovative learning environment, they’ve continually provided educational opportunities that propel students towards their career aspirations. Their strategic decision to acquire the Australian College of Aromatherapy (ACOA) was underlined by the symbiosis of both educational entities and the potential to further amplify their impact in the learning community.

When Courses Education, based in the bustling city of Melbourne, acquired ACOA located in Queensland, a plethora of challenges awaited them – migrating IT infrastructure, data transfer, setting up new offices, and much more. Managed Services Australia came into play to formulate a seamless transition, keeping both functionality and efficiency at the forefront.

Diligent Planning & Execution:

Our experts, seasoned in numerous disciplines including office migration, business setup, and acquisition, provided a holistic approach to facilitate a successful project delivery. Meticulously moving and integrating all IT infrastructure, ensuring data integrity during migration, and setting up a fully functional office were just the tip of the iceberg. Every desktop, monitor, network device, and server was strategically configured, embedding reliability into the very core of Courses Education’s new business chapter.

Robust IT Management & Support:

The entirety of IT infrastructure and data were brought under the unwavering shield of our management. Our prompt support mechanism was a constant, ensuring any technical queries or hurdles faced were resolved with minimal downtime. By provisioning both IT hardware and software licenses, we ensured the technological backbone of the business was robust and ready for immediate use.

Streamlined Agent Onboarding & Secured Environment:

Our expertise stretched into providing agent onboarding services, which saw each employee being provisioned with the necessary licenses, role-based system access, and configurations – making their transition into the new workspace as seamless as possible. Complementing this, we implemented comprehensive security features to safeguard operational environments, affirming a secured platform for both data and communications.

Increased Productivity & Secure Operating Environments:

Courses Education now reaps the benefits of a full suite of our services, witnessing enhanced productivity, secured business systems, easy data access, and an efficiently streamlined IT infrastructure. The organisation now thrives with quick and ongoing support from our technical maestros, ensuring optimised operations and an ease in navigating through their expanded business landscape.

Our proud involvement in the successful execution of Courses Education’s business acquisition project is a testament to Managed Services Australia’s dedication to propelling our clients towards their ultimate potential. From meticulous planning to the execution of secure and effective IT environments, our wide range of services is designed to navigate your business through its every evolution.

Embark on your business’s next chapter with a partner dedicated to ensuring your technological transition is smooth, secure, and supportive. Explore our services and let Managed Services Australia sculpt your next success story.

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