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Solar Panels That Float On Water.


March 4, 2019

Solar energy, hailed as one of the most promising renewable energy sources, is undergoing a fascinating transformation in Thailand. The nation is ushering in a new era of sustainability by introducing floating solar plants on its water bodies. This ingenious integration of technology and nature is not only an effective energy solution but also a means to conserve precious resources.

Harnessing the Sun’s Power on Water

The strategic positioning of these solar panels on the expansive surfaces of dams and reservoirs is nothing short of a masterstroke. Floating on water, these solar installations provide a dual advantage:

  1. Preserving water resources: The solar panels shield the water underneath from the sun, reducing evaporation. This conservation tactic is invaluable in areas susceptible to drought and water shortages.
  2. Space efficiency: By utilising the surface area of water bodies, these floating solar farms avoid occupying valuable terrestrial space. This means land can be reserved for agriculture, forestation, or urban development.

Thailand’s Solar Vision

Thailand’s ambitious project aims to establish eight solar farms that, combined, boast an impressive capacity of 1 gigawatt. With the first installation slated for Sirindhorn Dam, construction is anticipated to commence in April. This endeavour is not a short-term play; the vision spans decades, with completion expected within the next twenty years.

The Global Implication

As nations worldwide grapple with the dual challenges of energy sustainability and environmental conservation, Thailand’s innovative approach stands out as a beacon. If successful, floating solar plants might soon dot water bodies across the globe, marrying the need for renewable energy with environmental responsibility.

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The Future is Tech-Driven and Sustainable

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