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Send and Receive text messages for business with 3CX.


February 3, 2021

3CX, a leading player in the telecommunication software arena, has just taken a significant leap forward. Thanks to its recent update, users can now explore the world of SMS through the 3CX platform. This enhancement, eagerly anticipated by many businesses, signifies the growing importance of SMS as a preferred communication channel.

What Can You Do with the 3CX SMS Feature?

  1. Send and Receive Seamlessly: With the introduction of SMS messaging, you’re not just restricted to sending out messages; you can also receive them. Whether you’re on the Web client or the mobile app, your SMS capabilities are now at your fingertips.
  2. Route Your Messages: Every business has different communication needs. Maybe you want customer inquiries to go to your support team, while feedback goes to your product team. The new 3CX SMS feature lets you route messages to the appropriate department or agent, ensuring efficient response times and better customer engagement.
  3. Integrated, Centralized Messaging: Having all your communication tools – from calls to chats to now SMS – in one unified platform can significantly streamline operations. This integration ensures you never miss a message and can quickly refer back to past communications, no matter the medium.

See it in Action!

Curious about how this new feature could revolutionize your business communication? We’re excited to showcase it to you. Our team at Managed Services Australia is well-equipped to give you a live demonstration of all the functionalities that 3CX brings to the table.

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