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Ransomware Trojans are becoming more and more popular.


August 23, 2019

The realm of cyberthreats is ever-changing, with ransomware trojans currently leading the way as one of the fastest-growing threats. Recent findings indicate a sharp increase in these malicious attacks, urging businesses and individuals to take advanced precautions.

Key Highlights

  • A Surge in Ransomware Attacks: According to the Cybersecurity Threatscape report by Positive Technologies, ransomware trojan-based attacks saw a sharp rise from 9% in Q4 2018 to a staggering 24% in Q1 2019.
  • Decreased Earnings, Increased Innovation: While revenue from traditional ransomware attacks has decreased, probably owing to increasing public awareness and advice against paying ransoms, attackers are not deterred. Instead, they’re coming up with novel ways to exploit victims.
  • Emergence of Multimodular Trojans: The cyberthreat landscape has seen a rising trend in the use of multimodular trojans and ransomware, while malicious crypto-mining activities seem to be declining.
  • Changing Ransom Tactics: Attackers are becoming more sophisticated with their approaches. For instance:
    • CryptoMix attackers are deceiving victims with a promise to donate ransoms to charitable causes.
    • An innovative ransomware version now offers a fake PayPal payment option, tricking victims into sharing their personal and payment data.
  • Targeting Larger Institutions: Instead of going after individuals, cybercriminals are now aiming for bigger entities that have deeper pockets and more to lose. Recent victims include governmental bodies like Jackson County in Georgia and healthcare entities like Columbia Surgical Specialists.

What’s Next?

With attackers continually adapting their strategies, it’s clear that the threat from ransomware is here to stay. As long as victims remain willing to pay ransom, the incentive for cybercriminals remains high. Institutions, businesses, and individuals alike need to bolster their cybersecurity infrastructure and practices, remain educated about the evolving threat landscape, and always exercise caution when navigating the digital realm.

Stay safe, and remember: it’s not just about protecting data, but preserving trust and maintaining operational integrity in a digital world.

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