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PowerPoint will have a new Presenter Coach to improve presentations.


June 24, 2019

Do your presentations sometimes lack finesse? Microsoft’s forthcoming feature might just be the panacea you’ve been looking for. Announced on Tuesday, the Presenter Coach for PowerPoint will soon furnish users with AI-driven feedback to refine their presentations, be it through adopting gender-neutral language or the more straightforward reminder not to use swear words.

The Dynamics of Presenter Coach

Initiating the Presenter Coach is simple: it becomes active during your slide rehearsals. Though scheduled to launch for the web version of PowerPoint by this summer, those with the Office 365 app might have to wait a tad longer.

From the YouTube introduction, it’s apparent that the tool gauges the speed of your speech, providing instantaneous feedback. Your voice will be recorded and analysed, post which, the Coach will offer invaluable insights – perhaps suggesting more inclusive language or pointing out overused words like “essentially”. A profanity in your speech? PowerPoint won’t let that slip by unnoticed.

The Evolution of Intelligence in Office

The application of AI in Office is becoming increasingly mainstream. Microsoft’s recent introduction of “Ideas” also spotlighted the usage of inclusive language.

This trajectory commenced back in 2016 with the introduction of innovations such as Sway and PowerPoint Designer. These aimed at enhancing the appeal and informativeness of PowerPoint slides. According to Microsoft, Designer alone has aided in the creation of over a billion slides.

AI’s presence in Designer continues to intensify. Tuesday’s announcement also mentioned a feature that translates large figures into tangible real-world comparisons – likening 30,000 feet to the altitude of Mt. Everest, for instance. The Designer will also now recommend premium photos apt for commercial use, tailored to the content and theme of your slides. These enhancements are currently rolling out for Office 365 subscribers across Windows, Mac, and the web platform.

Elevate Your Presentations with AI

Microsoft’s enhancements to Office 365, especially with the Presenter Coach, signify their commitment to improving user experience. By monitoring your speech and content, it seeks to mould you into a more skilled orator.

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