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Maintaining Data Availability with Cloud Storage.


June 16, 2021

Quick and easy access to business-critical data is essential for any organisation, regardless of how and where it is operating. This is vital not only to support flexible work practices and ease of collaboration, but to also provide resilience and availability in the face of unexpected circumstances. The recent widespread power outages throughout the east of Victoria are a timely example of Mother Nature’s indifference to best laid plans.

Fortunately, it can be possible to host much of the data your business requires for continuance of its day-to-day operations in the cloud to help mitigate the disruptive impact that loss of access to on-premises resources can have on daily operations.

Maintaining Data Availability with Cloud Storage

Key Benefits

Ease of collaboration

Planning to have your business information in a centrally accessible location allows employees to access the documents and data they need to get their job done, whether office resources are offline or they are working from home. Combining this with a flexible telephony system such as 3CX or collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams can help employees stay connected with each other and their current projects.

Availability, Accessibility and Redundancy

Data hosted within the cloud can remain accessible from just about anywhere you can get an Internet connection. It is also highly available with multiple redundant copies stored within a single data centre. Options to store multiple copies across multiple data centres in a certain zone, or even separate geographical regions are possible to ensure your data is protected against large-scale natural disasters.


Hosting your data in the cloud opens the possibility of increasing storage capacity on demand. There is no need to wait for new hardware to be purchased, shipped, and set up. You can simply adjust your storage requirements as and when you need to.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud storage backup services are some of the best options for effective disaster recovery. Should on-premises services suffer catastrophic data loss, the company can just retrieve their backup data from the cloud.

If your business could benefit from the highly available and collaborative features cloud storage has to offer, our team at Managed Services Australia offer data migration services to get you there.

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