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Mac OS malware found in fake adobe flash player installers.


July 5, 2019

Fake Adobe Flash Player installer websites are baiting Mac users into downloading harmful malware, which hides behind the guise of genuine software. This new malware, known as OSX/CrescentCore, is sophisticated, elusive, and poses a genuine threat to your digital privacy and security.

OSX/CrescentCore: What You Need to Know

  • Distribution Channels: The malware is currently being spread across multiple websites, including a deceptive website named “GetComics,” promising free comic book downloads. More alarmingly, some of these sites have managed to rank high on Google search results, thus making them seem more legitimate.
  • Deceptive Mechanism: Upon clicking certain search results or links, users are redirected to a page displaying an Adobe Flash Player update warning popup. This can lead to the malicious OSX/CrescentCore malware or the previously identified OSX/Shlayer malware.
  • Stealth Features: Unlike other rogue software, OSX/CrescentCore has enhanced capabilities to evade antivirus software and stymie malware analysts. It can detect if it’s running in a virtual machine (often used for malware checks) or if there’s antivirus software on the machine. If it finds either, it cleverly shuts down to avoid detection.
  • Persistence Strategy: Once activated, the malware leverages a mechanism known as LaunchAgent to ensure it remains active on the victim’s system. Malware developers often use this method to ensure their software remains entrenched on macOS systems.
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Protecting Yourself

  • Be Skeptical: Avoid downloading Adobe Flash or any other software from unofficial or unverified websites, even if they appear in top search results.
  • Update Regularly: Ensure your operating system and all software, especially security software, are up-to-date.
  • Stay Informed: Understand that as Mac systems become more popular, they are increasingly targeted by malicious entities. Being aware and cautious is your first line of defense.

Mac users are strongly urged to exercise caution when attempting to install or update software. Managed Services Australia is here to help guide you through these complex security challenges and ensure your systems remain uncompromised.

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