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April 12, 2018

In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s imperative for businesses to stay updated, not only to ensure optimal performance but to guard against potential threats. Here’s a deep dive into one of our recent transformational projects:

The Challenge

During a comprehensive vCIO audit and strategic session, we unearthed multiple risks within a client’s tech infrastructure. The glaring issue? Outdated equipment. Not only was this archaic setup affecting the overall productivity, but it was also posing severe threats to the business’s operation.

Our Solution

  1. Internet Upgrade: Recognising the pivotal role of robust internet connectivity, we transitioned the client from an outdated ADSL2+ connection to a high-speed 40Mbps/40Mbps business ethernet internet service.
  2. Server Revamp: We bid adieu to the 7-year-old HP ML350 G6 server and the accompanying HP UPS. In its stead, we introduced the modern HP Generation 9 Server coupled with a cutting-edge UPS.
  3. Backup System Overhaul: Relying on portable USB hard drives for backups was both inefficient and risky. Transitioning to a QNAP NAS setup, equipped with a whopping 20TB storage and 10Gbe network connectivity, we ensured seamless data replication to our Melbourne data center.
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The Outcome

The implementation of these solutions significantly bolstered the company’s operational efficiency. The robust internet connection and server upgrades ensured smoother local file and cloud application management. More importantly, the revamped backup mechanism offers unparalleled speed and redundancy, fortifying the business against data breaches, cyber threats, and potential hardware malfunctions.

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