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February 6, 2021

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2020 will long be remembered for many things, but in the realm of cybersecurity, it’s marked by the spike in zero-day exploits. Renowned security experts at Google have labeled it “the year of zero-day exploits.” While these vulnerabilities are often associated with cutting-edge hacking attempts, a significant portion of them is regrettably due to overlooked or inadequately addressed known issues.

Preventable Exploits: A Missed Opportunity

In an eye-opening revelation, Google’s Project Zero team underlined a startling fact: one out of every four zero-day exploits that were detected could have been sidestepped. How? Through more rigorous investigations and more comprehensive patch efforts. This brings forth the idea that while businesses are racing to stay ahead of the next big threat, sometimes the most immediate danger lies in not addressing the vulnerabilities already on the radar.

Our Pledge to Your Safety

At Managed Services Australia (MSA), we understand the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. Recognizing the value of robust security mechanisms, we’ve embraced the globe’s premier cybersecurity and endpoint protection software.

Our distinctive three-layered security framework provides extensive coverage:

  1. Cloud Security: Ensuring your data and operations in the cloud are fortified against breaches.
  2. Office Security: Safeguarding your workplace tech infrastructure, from servers to individual workstations.
  3. Device Security: Implementing protection mechanisms on every device, guaranteeing secure operations, even on the go.

Secure, Steady, and Happy Workplaces

In the end, a well-protected business isn’t just about preventing financial losses or data breaches. It’s about creating an environment where your team feels safe, confident, and can focus on their tasks without the looming fear of cyber threats.

Interested in bolstering your cybersecurity? Don’t wait for a threat to manifest. Reach out to our expert team today. Contact us on 1300 024 748, and let’s make your business a cybersecurity success story.

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