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Internet from the Sky. Not Fiction, but today’s reality.


March 12, 2021

Imagine turning your gaze towards the sky and drawing internet connectivity from the vast expanse. Sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But thanks to SpaceX and its ambitious Starlink Project, this is no longer a distant dream but today’s reality.

From Mars Dreams to Sky-High Internet

When Elon Musk set out to launch SpaceX in 2002, many of his dreams seemed far-fetched. But with Starlink, his vision of providing internet from the sky is shaping into a global revolution. While establishing a Martian colony might be SpaceX’s ultimate ambition, ensuring global, high-speed internet connectivity is an endeavor that’s very much rooted in our Earthly reality.

Starlink’s Meteoric Rise

From its conceptualization in 2015 to the first test flights in 2018, Starlink has come a long way. Today, a mere few years post its inception, it boasts over 10,000 users across the globe. The promising service is still in Open Beta and set to launch for the Australian audience in 2021. With pledges of swift speeds and minimal latency, this satellite-driven broadband is setting the stage for a new era of internet connectivity.

Growing Pains

Like any pioneering venture, Starlink is still evolving. Some users point out that the “link stability can be patchy.” But that’s to be expected from any cutting-edge technology in its nascent phase. Given time, SpaceX’s sky-based internet could redefine our digital connection norms.

In Pursuit of Speed and Stability

While we keenly watch Starlink’s progress and its potential impact on global connectivity, if immediate, super-fast, and reliable internet is what you’re after, Managed Services Australia has got you covered. With electrifying speeds ranging from 400 to 1000 Mbps, our premium Internet & Voice Services cater to businesses with top-notch requirements. Plus, our local support team ensures you never miss a beat.

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