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Scientist are using tiny drones to learn how hummingbirds fly.


May 13, 2019

In the intriguing world of avionics, scientists have often turned to nature for inspiration. Among the plethora of flying species, the hummingbird stands out, mastering manoeuvres that even the most advanced drones can’t replicate. Until now.

A Dance in the Sky: The Hummingbird’s Mastery

Hummingbirds possess a unique capability: they can hover in place, dart sideways, shoot upwards, or dive down, all with an agility unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Their miniature size, combined with their flight proficiency, has made them an object of fascination and study.

Marrying Machine Learning with Avionics

With the advent of machine learning, scientists are now taking the study of hummingbirds to the next level. By employing tiny drones designed to mimic the hummingbird’s flight patterns, researchers are uncovering the secrets behind their aerodynamic prowess. This blend of nature and technology is not just about understanding the hummingbird better, but also about advancing our own drone technology. The hope is that, one day, our drones will be able to move with the same precision and grace as a hummingbird.

For a deeper dive into this groundbreaking research, read the full article here.

While our focus at Managed Services Australia isn’t on flying drones, we’re always excited about technological advancements and how they shape our future.

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