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How to be Anonymous online.


March 5, 2021

In an era where identity theft has become alarmingly common, ensuring online anonymity is paramount. Daily, countless cyber-attacks threaten our personal and financial information. However, with awareness and careful online habits, you can significantly reduce your vulnerability.

Here are three foundational steps to maintaining your online privacy:

  1. Clear Your Cookies: These tiny data files store bits of information about your browsing habits, making you easier to track. Regularly clearing them can enhance your online anonymity.
  2. Manage Fingerprints and Trackers: Just like a real fingerprint, your digital fingerprint is unique to you. It comprises various pieces of information like your device type, browser version, and even screen resolution. By using tools that block trackers, you can prevent websites from collecting this data.
  3. Switch to Privacy-Focused Browsers: Mainstream browsers often collect vast amounts of user data. Consider using browsers that prioritize user privacy and don’t track your activities.

Dive deeper into these strategies and more with this comprehensive guide on how to stay anonymous online.

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