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Internet Will Be Available In Kenya With Googles Balloon Service.


February 15, 2019

The digital revolution has taken the world by storm, but there remain regions where the internet is still a distant dream. Enter Google’s Loon project, aiming to dispel the digital darkness in Kenya’s rural locales.

Balloons: The Unconventional Internet Beacons

A mere glance at the sky and you might dismiss them as just balloons, but Google’s Loon is harnessing these floaters to bring 4G internet to the remotest corners of Kenya.

How Does Loon’s Balloon Service Work?

  1. Solar-Powered Connectivity: Adorning these balloons are solar panels, their primary energy source, ensuring the equipment remains functional and provides uninterrupted 4G services. For the night, an on-board battery takes charge, quite literally!
  2. Winds of Change: The balloons aren’t static. They drift with the wind, ensuring diverse areas receive internet connectivity at various times.
  3. Mesh Networking: Instead of each balloon working in isolation, they operate as a connected mesh network, creating a sprawling web of connectivity in the skies. Their signal source? Ground stations that send internet beams skywards.

For a more detailed exploration into this sky-high internet solution, delve into this comprehensive article.

The Future is Now

Innovations like Loon’s balloon service epitomise the rapid pace at which technology is reshaping our world. At Managed Services Australia, we understand this evolving landscape and strive to offer businesses the best in modern tech solutions.

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