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Google Chrome will soon have a tab preview feature.


December 9, 2019

In the ever-evolving landscape of web browsers, Google Chrome stands out with its continuous effort to enhance user experience. While its market supremacy is unchallenged, a few useful features common to its counterparts have been notably absent from Chrome. Enter the much-awaited tab preview feature – a function that Microsoft’s Classic Edge previously championed.

Flashback to October: Chrome OS users were treated to the unveiling of this feature, but it was conspicuously absent for users on other platforms. Fast forward to the present: according to insights from Chromium Gerrit, spurred by discussions on Reddit, Google is actively considering the inclusion of this tool. The feature’s prime attraction lies in its ability to give users a sneak-peek into all open tabs without having to switch between them. What’s more? Users can seamlessly scroll through these previews and even reposition them as per preference. An illustrative video was shared by 9to5google last year to exhibit the feature’s potential.

However, there’s a slight catch. The tab preview seems to be in the development phase exclusively for Windows and Linux, with macOS conspicuously missing from the list. The exact date of its release remains under wraps. Nevertheless, it’s anticipated that Canary users will be the first to test the waters. Following successful tests on Canary, the broader Chrome community on Windows can look forward to its introduction.

Source: MSPoweruser

What’s the Buzz?

Google Chrome is gearing up to launch a dynamic feature enabling users to get a glimpse of their open tabs, a move bound to heighten multitasking efficiency.

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