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Fax to email using 3CX.


November 29, 2019

The digital age has brought about numerous technological advancements, but few merge traditional communication with contemporary solutions as seamlessly as the Fax to Email feature of 3CX.

The Evolution of Fax in a Digital Age

From Machines to Mailboxes

Long gone are the days when you had to stand by a fax machine, waiting for the page to slowly emerge. With 3CX’s innovative Fax to Email feature, all inbound faxes find their way directly to your designated email inbox. This not only eliminates the need for a physical fax machine but also makes the process of receiving faxes more convenient and efficient.

Eco-Friendly Communication

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Fax to Email feature stands out. By reducing the automatic printing of every fax received, it helps in curbing unnecessary paper usage. This way, users can opt to print only indispensable documents, promoting both an eco-friendly work environment and efficient resource management.

The Backbone of Your Business

Getting Started with 3CX’s Fax to Email

As businesses continue to seek ways to optimise operations and minimise environmental impact, tools like 3CX’s Fax to Email prove invaluable. By integrating the past with the present, it offers a solution that is both efficient and sustainable.

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