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March 28, 2022

Fast internet access is becoming increasingly available throughout Australia and there is opportunity to upgrade to something better than, say, a legacy 10 Mbps service. There are many alternatives out there to choose from but without guidance and planning you may risk choosing the wrong alternative that may not support your fast internet needs. It is important you choose a provider that can support the speed plan you wish to have as well as be able to provide quick support for when things go wrong with your fast internet connection.

Where to begin?

We can begin with working out what goes on inside of your business day to day when it comes to internet usage. Are your staff making lots of VoIP calls over your existing WAN connection?  Do these calls sound crackly or do they sound clear? Are people downloading large amounts of files regularly? Do staff upload lots of content online every day? Is remote access required to your network, and do staff access your network remotely on a regular basis?

There are many things to consider before deciding what type of service you need for fast internet. Luckily, we can assist you in your search for fast internet and provide you with a solution that not only works well for your business but is also able to grow with your business. When looking for fast internet access there are a few technologies and options on the table to choose from. Below is an overview of what we can provide to help your business grow:


We can offer Fibre that has the capacity to grow with your business and can support blazingly fast internet speeds. Fibre 1000 allows your business to have both 1000Mbps of downstream data as well as 1000Mbps of upstream data. That kind of bandwidth will help give your team speed and reliability for their VoIP calls, large file downloads and more. If 1000Mbps is too much for your needs, we can go a notch down and use Fibre 400. With 400Mbps of download and 400Mbps of upload that could also be more than enough for your team to utilise and can still be considered as fast internet.


If a direct Fibre connection is a bit more than what you need and you are after a cost effective solution that still balances speed and reliability, we can also provide you with an NBN internet service. An NBN service is often used as fantastic secondary connection when paired with fibre if high availability is mission critical to you.

We can offer a wide variety of the NBN speeds, but it does depend on what technology is used in your local area as this can have an impact on what speed is capable over the line that is installed. We can help you explore what is being used in your area and provide you with fast internet that can benefit your business and help you run more efficiently.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is another alternative to use. Some areas may lack the infrastructure to support fixed line Fibre or NBN connections which can be frustrating when trying to find a fast internet solution.  Fortunately, we can still provide an alternative solution so that you and your business don’t have to miss out on fast internet. Fixed wireless is as simple as getting a small dish installed on your roof that can provide fast internet speeds. It is low latency with a secured wireless connection that can give your business the ability to grow.


A critical yet often overlooked aspect any internet service is support. When your fast internet line goes down, you want quick and reliable support. Should anything ever go wrong, Managed Services Australia can be there to assist with your internet connection. If need to call us you won’t be stuck on hold for hours waiting in a queue, you will be able to speak directly with our team who can immediately turn our attention to resolving your issue. Our support team is available 24/7 so you know that there is someone to talk to in the event of an outage.

You can learn more about our managed internet and managed voice solutions on our website. If you are interested in our internet services feel free to give us a call on 1300 024 748 and speak to our friendly team! We can assist you by providing you with the right option for your business’s Fast Internet needs.

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