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Farm That Is Powered By New Indoor Farming Technology.


March 6, 2019

The face of farming is changing faster than we ever imagined. Picture a farm where not a single human is seen tilling the soil, watering the plants, or harvesting the crops. Instead, it’s a space dominated by technology, especially robots. Does it sound like science fiction? It’s not. Welcome to the future of farming brought to you by indoor farming technology.

Iron Ox: Leading the Robotic Farming Revolution

Located in San Carlos, United States, is a modern farm known as Iron Ox. It’s not your traditional vast expanse of land; this farm operates entirely indoors and is significantly smaller. However, the size doesn’t affect its productivity. Iron Ox astonishingly produces an equivalent amount of herbs and greens annually as a traditional farm would.

This innovation wouldn’t be possible without the powerful combination of automation and robotics. Iron Ox employs robots to manage almost all farming tasks, ensuring precision, efficiency, and scalability.

Optimised Growth with Stacking Systems

Iron Ox utilises both horizontal and vertical stacking systems. This innovative approach makes the most of the available space, allowing for a higher density of plants compared to traditional farming setups.

A Soil-less Wonder

It’s hard to imagine a farm without soil. However, Iron Ox has made this a reality. Plants are grown hydroponically, which means they thrive in a water solution enriched with essential nutrients. This method has been found to be more efficient and often results in faster plant growth.

LEDs: The Sun Indoors

The farm uses specialised LED lights tailored to provide the plants with the exact spectrum of light they need for photosynthesis. This ensures that the crops get optimal light exposure, promoting healthier growth.

Robotic Precision

One of the standout features of Iron Ox is a robotic arm that meticulously relocates plants. This ensures each plant is positioned in an optimal spot to receive the right amount of light, nutrients, and space to grow to its best quality.

Season-less Farming

One of the many perks of indoor farming technology is the ability to grow crops year-round. External climate conditions don’t limit Iron Ox. It can produce a summer herb in the heart of winter, thanks to its controlled indoor environment.

The Bigger Picture

The innovation presented by Iron Ox is just the beginning. As technology evolves, there’s immense potential for these robotic farms to be an answer to food security issues, providing fresh produce without being hindered by climate change or urbanisation.

Read more about this technological wonder in agriculture here.

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