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Data breach causes banks to suspend business.


June 14, 2019

In an alarming development, the ANZ Banking Group has reacted promptly to Landmark White’s latest data breach by suspending its association with the valuation entity. This suspension comes a few weeks after the bank resumed its collaboration following a prior breach incident.

This is not an isolated incident; the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) too has halted its association with the valuation firm. Landmark White’s shares faced a steep decline, hitting a record seven-year low.

Whilst lenders were tentatively re-establishing ties with the firm after the initial breach earlier in 2019, this new breach has heightened concerns. Documents available publicly as of Friday displayed valuations for properties, divulging sensitive data such as property addresses, names of borrowers, and the corresponding valuations. This debacle underscores the perils companies face in this age of digital vulnerability.

Your Shield Against Data Breaches

In these uncertain times, fortifying your business’s cybersecurity is paramount. We present a triple-layered protective framework that ensures your operations are insulated from such threats:

Layer 1 – Managed Spam:

Collaborating with MailGuard, we amplify your email security. Considering emails are often the primary vectors for malicious elements like ransomware, it’s crucial to ensure that your mailbox is fortified.

Layer 2 – Managed Firewall:

Guarding your network is our top-notch managed firewall solution, forged in partnership with Fortinet. This layer is your bulwark, shielding your network from looming threats.

Layer 3 – Managed Anti-Virus:

The final tier of our protection mechanism is the Managed Anti-Virus solution. Deployed to every workstation within your enterprise, it ensures that even if threats bypass other layers, they cannot execute on your systems.

This comprehensive trinity ensures your business is impenetrable to potential hazards, shielding your finances and reputation.

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