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Cyber Hygiene.


March 11, 2021

The federal government has provided advice on how to counter ransomware in Australia, encouraging the use of multifactor authentication and urging businesses to keep software up to date, archive data and back-up, build in security features to systems, and train employees on good cyber hygiene.

Ransomware attacks today present a major threat to Australian organisations, In 2020, cyber criminals conducted successful attacks on major Australian organisations at a volume never before experienced.

Australia’s Cybersecurity Landscape

2020 was a stark reminder of the urgency for heightened cybersecurity. Major Australian entities faced an unprecedented barrage of cyber onslaughts, marking a year with unparalleled cyber threat intensity.

The Necessity of Cyber Vigilance

The term ‘cyber hygiene’ may sound new, but its importance is age-old in the realm of cybersecurity. By identifying threats at an early stage, the ramifications of ransomware attacks can be significantly mitigated. It’s vital to realize that many of these crippling attacks could have been averted with foundational cybersecurity measures and rigorous cyber hygiene practices in place.

Cyber Hygiene

Small Businesses, Big Responsibilities

For smaller enterprises, constituting 93% of Australia’s employing businesses and providing jobs to nearly 45% of its workforce, the stakes are high. Every business, regardless of its size, possesses invaluable data and operational systems that need safeguarding. The onus is on these establishments to embrace robust foundational controls and conscientiously adopt effective cyber hygiene habits.

Time for a Cyber Health Check

We prioritize our physical health, ensuring we maintain personal hygiene. Similarly, in our digital lives, it’s time to assess: Are we according the same diligence to our cyber hygiene? To safeguard your digital assets and ensure a robust cybersecurity posture, turn to Managed Services Australia. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.

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