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Paralysed People Control A Tablet With Their Thoughts.


December 7, 2018

Our world never ceases to astonish. In the realm of technological advancement, boundaries are continually being pushed, and what was once science fiction is gradually becoming our reality. The newest addition to this roster of innovations? Tablets controlled purely by the power of thought.

BrainGate: A Leap Towards a Brighter Future

BrainGate, a cutting-edge U.S.-based organisation, is pioneering the way for this groundbreaking change. Through tiny sensors implanted in the brain, data is extracted and transmitted to mobile devices. This breakthrough means that with mere thoughts, individuals can command a device to execute specific tasks.

Success Stories and Potential Impact

In a series of trials with Google Nexus 9 Tablets, three participants showcased the transformative potential of this technology. They not only sent emails and checked the weather but also streamed music and shared videos. Their feedback? The experience felt more intuitive and natural than using the conventional mouse and keyboard.

This breakthrough offers a ray of hope and a world of possibilities for paralysed individuals. Enabling them to interact with the digital world through their thoughts can redefine accessibility and bridge a significant gap in our tech-driven society.

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