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October 27, 2021

Managing a business, much like life, can be unpredictable.  The current circumstances and working practices that have arisen out of Covid restrictions are a clear testament of this fact.  Fluctuations in business demand along with changes to business structure and the staffing requirements to meet demand can alter with little notice.  Operating your business with a cloud hosted scalable solution not only provides you with the flexibility to adapt to these changes and can save you money both up front and over time.

What is a Cloud Hosted Scalable Solution?

A cloud hosted scalable solution is a business application or service that is hosted on a cloud platform rather than on physical on-premises servers and can scale with changes in demand.  There are many benefits to taking this approach:

  • Reduced Up-Front Expenditure and Cost of Ownership – cloud hosted scalable solutions can be rapidly deployed with relatively little up-front cost.  There is no need to purchase expensive onsite hardware and the need to accurately predict and plan for growth is less important.  You pay only for what you need now rather than what you may or may not use in the future.
  • Flexibility and agility – Your solution can grow and evolve with your business as demand increases.  You also won’t be tied to limitations and lifespan of physical equipment.  Computational and storage resources can be increased on demand with ease.
  • Mobility and Accessibility – one of the key advantages of a cloud hosted scalable solution is that it can be accessible to those who need it, anywhere at any time.  This makes collaboration and accessibility of business-critical services so much easier, especially if you have a decentralised workforce.
Cloud Hosted Scalable Solution

Flexibility of Cloud Solution

At Managed Services Australia we offer managed 3CX VoIP communication systems which we host in the cloud.  When demand in call volume and sustained high use of resources recently increased for one of our clients, we were able to scale their solution up to meet demand and offer additional headroom for growth within minutes rather than hours or days.  The kind of flexibility offered by a cloud hosted scalable solution just cannot be matched if your current solution requires purchase, configuration, delivery and installation of new hardware to grow.

If your business applications are tied to obsolete hardware or you are looking to adopt a cost effective and flexible VoIP communication solution, feel free to get in touch with the team at Managed Services Australia at [email protected] or on 1300 024 748 to see how we can help you with a cloud hosted scalable solution to fit your needs.

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