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Battery technology keeps getting better.


June 26, 2019

Tired of your smartphone battery giving up on you by midday? Nokia might just have the solution you’ve been hoping for.

The Breakthrough

Nokia Bell Labs, a research subsidiary of the famed Finnish telecom giant Nokia, has recently announced a revolutionary battery design for smartphones. Their claim? This new battery can last “2.5 times longer than the current best in the market”. The cherry on top? They achieved this without adding any extra weight to the device.

The Magic Behind It

The genius of this innovation lies not just in extending battery life, but in ensuring the battery efficiently harnesses energy from fluctuating renewable sources like solar and wind. This groundbreaking technology came into existence through a collaboration between Nokia Bell Labs and AMBER, a leading research center in Ireland.

Paul King from Nokia Bell Labs believes this advancement will particularly benefit the 5G networks, remarking, “This new battery technology, with its ability to store more energy in a compact space, will redefine the capabilities of 5G and the world connected to it.”

The Backbone of Your Business

What’s Next for Nokia’s Battery Tech?

Though Nokia doesn’t produce smartphones directly anymore, they will likely license this cutting-edge technology for broader commercial use. A patent is already in place to protect their innovation. While the exact timeline for its market debut remains uncertain, the tech world is abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

The Growing Energy Needs

The evolution of smartphones has led to a parallel surge in their energy demands. The high-resolution displays, sophisticated cameras, and rapid data processing capabilities have intensified the drain on battery life. And with 5G networks promising unprecedented data transfer speeds, the energy demands will only rise. Innovations like Nokia’s are not just welcome but essential to meet the evolving needs of smartphone users.

Imagine a world where you don’t need to plug in your phone every night. With Nokia’s innovation, that dream is drawing closer to reality. For those keen to explore other technological marvels, Managed Services Australia is the perfect platform.

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