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Bug in android allows attackers to control device.


December 4, 2019

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it’s essential to stay one step ahead, especially when it comes to securing our devices and data. Recent discoveries have unveiled a lurking threat in the Android world, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures. Managed Services Australia dives deep into this new revelation, deciphering what it means for users and how they can stay protected.

Understanding the StrandHogg Vulnerability

Android, one of the world’s most popular operating systems, is under siege from a newly unearthed flaw. This vulnerability, known as “StrandHogg”, has the potential to let malicious software masquerade as legitimate apps, thus fooling users into granting these rogue applications unwarranted permissions.

How StrandHogg Works

Users, believing they’re simply accessing daily apps like Facebook or Instagram, are in fact granting permissions to these deceitful applications. The repercussions of this are vast, with hackers potentially gaining the ability to exploit the device to its full extent. This includes eavesdropping through the device’s microphone, accessing photographs, and even intercepting and dispatching text messages.

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The Reach and Impact of StrandHogg

Alarmingly, this menace threatens all Android devices, spanning even those operating on the advanced Android 10. This revelation implies that the most widely-utilised 500 apps are at risk. Collaborative research efforts from Lookout, in partnership with Promon, have uncovered 36 malevolent apps already exploiting this vulnerability. Among these is the globally notorious malware, BankBot Trojan.

Google Play’s Role in the Spread

A significant contributing factor to the vulnerability’s spread is its infiltration into Google Play. This platform, while continuously monitored, has historically been susceptible to malware breaches. Many of these malicious apps gain traction and achieve millions of downloads before their true intent is identified, and they’re subsequently deleted.

Protecting Against StrandHogg

Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OneSpan, underscored the vulnerability’s grave implications but also provided a glimmer of hope. He highlighted in-app protective measures, such as app shielding and runtime protection. These tools are integral in protecting devices from malware that seeks to exploit the StrandHogg flaw.

The emergence of the StrandHogg vulnerability underscores the need for rigorous cybersecurity vigilance. At Managed Services Australia, we’re committed to keeping you informed and protected. Ensuring your devices and data are secure in this digital age is paramount.

Key Takeaway: In the face of Android’s StrandHogg vulnerability, the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity measures is more critical than ever.

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