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3d printing has been made 100 times faster by using light.


April 5, 2019

The world of 3D printing has seen groundbreaking advancements over the years, but its latest evolution promises to revolutionise the industry. Researchers have introduced a new technique that leverages the potential of light, enhancing the speed of 3D printing by a staggering 100 times!

From Hours to Moments:

Traditionally, 3D printing can be a test of patience, often requiring hours, if not days, for completion. This new method transforms the process from a marathon to a sprint. By harnessing the unique properties of light, intricate designs can be materialised in mere moments.

Witness the Revolution:

Observe the sheer speed and efficiency of this new approach to 3D printing. The video below provides a glimpse into this accelerated method, sped up 6 times for clarity.

Delve into the science behind this groundbreaking technique. Click here for an in-depth read.

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