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3D printer designed for building houses is the size of a small factory.


March 25, 2019

In an age where speed, efficiency, and innovation are paramount, the construction sector is witnessing a breakthrough that could redefine the concept of house building. Enter the behemoth 3D printer – as expansive as a small factory – leading the charge in sustainable, efficient, and avant-garde construction.

Scale Beyond Imagination:

When you hear “3D printer,” perhaps you think of a desktop machine crafting small plastic items. But this mammoth printer, stretching 12.1 metres wide, 27.4 metres long, and reaching 9.1 metres in height, is designed for a loftier ambition: building homes. Its massive size is testament to its grand architectural vision.

The Process in Motion:

A sight to behold, the printer works methodically, layering material with precision to craft dwellings that are both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Curious about how this industrial giant operates? This video gives an insightful walkthrough, showcasing the groundbreaking tech in its initial avatar.

Delve deeper and explore the intricacies of this construction marvel in this article.

Why Settle for the Ordinary?

At Managed Services Australia, we believe in embracing revolutionary technologies that pave the way for future advancements. While we might not build homes, we are experts in constructing a robust IT infrastructure tailored to your business needs.

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