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3CX Click to call.


September 23, 2019

The digital age demands rapid, efficient communication, and 3CX’s Click to Call provides precisely that. Elevate your browsing and CRM experience by integrating this seamless, user-friendly feature, enabling instant dialling straight from your web page.

Features and Benefits

1. Instantaneous Dialling

Gone are the days of manually entering numbers. With 3CX Click to Call, dialling numbers from any web page is a simple one-click process.

2. CRM Integration

Boost your CRM productivity. Compatible with major platforms like Salesforce, 3CX Click to Call ensures swift communication with clients and stakeholders.

3. Configurable User Experience

Tailor your dialling experience. Choose between using the web client, which opens a new tab displaying a ready-to-dial keypad, or the softphone for a more streamlined approach.

4. Supported Browsers

This feature is optimised for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, ensuring a smooth, error-free experience on these popular browsers.

5. A Necessity for 3CX Phone System Users

To harness the full potential of Click to Call, users should be integrated with the 3CX Phone System. This system isn’t just a tool; it’s a comprehensive, budget-friendly communication solution for businesses looking to upscale their telephonic communication.

Making Communication Effortless

In our rapidly evolving digital world, features like 3CX Click to Call are transforming the way businesses communicate, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

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