Web Hosting

Web Hosting

As times are changing, so are the ways of managing business. In this tech-savvy generation, for any business to be successful, it is vital to mark its presence online, and having a fast, secure and reliable website is the first step towards achieving this. However, without the right hosting provider, dedicated web servers and the right team to manage this for you – your business may suffer greatly.

Developing a quality website requires a substantial financial investment and to protect your investment it is important to have the right hosting to support it. Search engines like Google and Bing will favour your website listing and push you up the rankings if you have met some very important criteria. Server speed, security, and quality of the information on your website.

Choosing Managed Services Australia for your business website hosting will help you to get your game up in no time so let us find out more about web hosting which will assist you to select the right web hosting plan for your business needs.

What is business web hosting?

Every website needs good web hosting, but not all web hosting is good. The foundation of good business web hosting is a culmination the physical hardware and software platform that the hosting is built on. Getting this right will allow you to host a myriad of different web platforms, content management systems and applications. Giving you the ability to store databases, images, files, videos and both public and private secure data. Simply put, a web server is a computer that is connected to the internet where all the information and content on your website is stored.

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The web server must be very fast, reliable, secure, and connected to the internet 24 hours a day through a network that has much faster internet and higher bandwidth than the typical home connection. This allows a web page to be easily accessible at all hours of the day and in any geographical location to millions of people globally.

What to look for in a web hosting provider?

For over 20 years, we have worked with many different web hosting providers and have had many different web hosting experiences, through trial and error and some heart ache we have now fortunately been able to build a solution that removes the pain and delivers the quality of service and reliability that we would expect from our hosting provider.  Our mantra is “The technology we recommend is that great, we run our entire business on it”.

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There are a few things to consider when we think about web hosting

Local Australian Support

Great communication from a team that can provide quick, concise, and clear technical analysis and feedback.

Time Zone

There is nothing more frustrating than having to stay up all night long to log a support ticket or call a help-desk or wait for a response from a team that is on international time. We loathe this…!


Things do not always go as planned and systems do fail, however reliable systems fail less and this is due to good hardware, good software and regular maintenance. It is important to select a provider that has stringent processes in place, honouring SLA’s by responding and resolving issues quickly and a provider that employs sophisticated technology as these key areas build great trust.


Basically, a business webpage or web site must load quickly on computers which include laptops, desktops, tablets, and these also include mobile devices, iPad’s, Android devices, iPhone’s, or mobile phones. It is imperative that your website loading time is fast and optimised on the web server or your website will not be seen. Search engines like Google or Bing or other search engines will push you down the list. The lower the website is in the results of search engine; the less visibility you will have to you potential customers and the less revenue your business will generate.


Web applications require nurturing and maintenance, content management platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other CMS’s all receive regular system updates. This is due to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. These threats become more sophisticated each day, so it is important to have reliable backup and security to protect from hackers and viruses. Our servers all have daily backups so you can restore your business website in one click, when there is a catastrophe.


Additional to the backup feature is the redundancy employed in the background on our network and server level to ensure that if one server fails your website will not be affected. We do this by having multiple servers in multiple geographic regions, if one server fails the other one carries the load.

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Our hosting plans all come with a free SSL certificate to protect your data from hackers, we can also assist to install cybersecurity protection applications on your WordPress site to prevent your site from being hacked, we can monitor this activity and send regular reports.


Another important aspect when choosing the ideal web server is storage capacity, use of the latest web technologies and inclusion of commercial applications (WordPress, MySQL, etc.) require a lot of space. Our plans accommodate for this by offering packages for standard, premium and e-commerce hosting.

Why is Managed Services Australia one of the best web hosting providers in Australia?

Local Australian Support

Based in Melbourne Australia our team of highly skilled technical support engineers are available when you need them.

Fast Response Time

Most calls to our service desk are answered and resolved within 3 minutes

99.95% Uptime

We guarantee that your service will be up and running in 99% of the time offered.

Automatic Preventive Backup

Daily server and database backups. Plus, 1 click account restoration in seconds.

Unlimited email accounts (cPanel Hosting)

You can create an infinite number of email accounts within your plan, with the capacity you want although we recommend our Mailguard and Office 365 solution.

Advanced Security

The best protection for your websites using leading Malware Scanning Solutions.

Cloudflare integration

Caches content and filters malicious traffic before reaching the server.

cPanel control panel

Control your hosting configuration through an administration panel.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our feedback from clients and their reviews speak volumes about our services.

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Server-level protection

Our servers are configured and optimized to offer the greatest security to your accounts.

FTP Access

FTP Access allows you to remotely manage the files that are stored on your website. You can Upload, Download, and manage files on your webserver easily.

Staging environments

Staging environments allow you to keep an active website visible to the web while you can work on improvements and new features in the background. This allows you to work on your website without having any changes visible to the public until you are ready to push it to live.

Let’s Encrypt

Security is very important in today’s digital age. SSL Certificates are required to help keep traffic from the webserver to your web browser secure. This will help prevent attackers from modifying the traffic that is being sent to and from the server.

WordPress/Joomla Auto Update

Updating your WordPress/Joomla website can be a time-consuming process. Having it automated can save lots of time as well as keeping your site secure with latest bug fixes.

PHP Version Management

Sometime when you are working on your website you may encounter issues with the current PHP version. You can freely roll-back or update PHP so that you can work with compatible versions of PHP for your website.

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MySQL Databases

Your website may need a database to store data in. Our hosting allows you to easily create and manage MySQL Databases more freely and easily.


Softaculous gives you easy access to web applications for one-click installation. This allows you to install any known web application with a single click and keeps the installation process simple. It will automatically create the required databases and file structures for the web app you are trying to install. It can also keep the app up-to-date saving time in maintenance. Apps available in softaculous include, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, phpBB and the list goes on. You can view a list of available software here: https://www.softaculous.com/softaculous/apps


cPanel allows you to easily create domain redirects. Domain redirects can be used to redirect a domain to another website for example www.example.com could be redirected to www.example.com.au

Account Statistics

You can view traffic statistics of your website to view how much visitors have visited your page; how much bandwidth has been consumed and more. This allows you to have more visibility over your website and how it is operating.

Our Business Web-Hosting Packages

All Pricing Excludes GST.

Fully Managed
Free Migration
10GB Storage
1TB Transfer
10GB Memory
SSL Certificate
$ 69.00 Monthly
Fully Managed
Free Migration
55GB Storage
2TB Transfer
2GB Memory
SSL Certificate
$ 129.00 Monthly
Fully Managed
Free Migration
80GB Storage
3TB Transfer
4GB Memory
SSL Certificate
$ 149.00 Monthly

If you are looking for reliable business web hosting in Australia, get on a call with us at 1300 024 748.

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