Benefits of a managed services agreement vs traditional hourly support

Benefits of a managed services agreement vs traditional hourly support

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Downtime preventionWe can prevent downtime to your business by actively monitoring and maintaining your systems 24/7. This can reduce the cost because we can prevent a catastrophic event from occurring.


Predictable budget

Break-fix support can be very costly. Luckily with us the cost for our support is the same every month. This makes it easier for businesses to better budget the cost of their IT solutions.


Data loss insurance

Data loss is something that every business owner would hate to happen to their systems. We can help prevent that even when a disaster was to occur. Backups of your server are done every night so rolling back to the previous day is better than rolling back to no data at all. It is known that more than 70 percent of ransomware attacks will be targeted to small businesses. We can prevent these attacks to your data with our 3 layer security framework. It includes mail security, firewall security and workstation security. These three layers together can help prevent the worst that could happen to your data.


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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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