Hover around in a jet-powered flying motorcycle!

Hover around in a jet-powered flying motorcycle!

Image of flying motorcycle

Who needs a Jetpack when you can get a Jet-powered flying motorcycle! Jetpack Aviation (JPA) have a new Jet powered motorcycle that is currently available for pre orders. It is called “The Speeder” and it will be the worlds first flying motorcycle.

Powered by 4 Turbo Jet Engines It has a max speed of more than 240 km/h with a max altitude of 15000 ft. It weights approximately 104.78 kg and a max pilot weight of approximately  108 kg. It also contains a 12″ touch screen and supports Kerosene or Diesel fuel. It only has a light time of around 10 – 22 minutes but can depend on the weight of the pilot.

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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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