Drone taxi’s could be the future of transportation

Drone taxi’s could be the future of transportation

Image of a Taxi Drone.

You would have never thought of giant drones capable of transporting people around would exist today. But in fact there is a video online of a drone taxi that would be able to take off from point A and land at point B. Vahana is a startup that is working on a self-flying drone that could transport people to a distance of up to 99 kilometers.  The video below is a demonstration of the work in progress drone flying up from a stating position and then slowly landing at the destination.



To make this possible Vahana had to develop their own Take-Off and landing system for the drone taxi. It had to work well vertically so it would be a smooth flight. So far 50 test flights have been completed (This video being the 50th test.) that have a total of 5 hours in flight time.

They are hoping to deploy the drone service sometime mid next year. It would be interesting to see where in the world you may find them and how many people would be flying on them.

You can read more about it in this article.

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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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