UPS, The extreme importance of using them to protect your systems

UPS, The extreme importance of using them to protect your systems

The recent heatwave has affected several of our customer sites across Victoria with power outages and power surges, due to the increase demand on power stations across Australia. Customers who have chosen to not implement the required UPS systems for their servers were impacted greatly.

Power surges damage equipment, especially hard drive data, corrupting importing operating system and company information.


It is imperative to have a backup power solution or UPS, which will protect your systems from power surges and power outages so they can successfully shutdown in a healthy way without damage your company.


It is also important to select the right UPS for the environment, under powered devices are not satisfactory, a minimum of 1.50 kVA is required for most server applications.


The cost of the outage severely outweighs the cost of the UPS hardware, protect your business from unnecessary downtime.


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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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