Drones could soon be cleaning windows of tall buildings

Drones could soon be cleaning windows of tall buildings

Image of the drones cleaning a window.

In the near future you might see drones flying around cleaning the windows of tall buildings. A much safer and faster way compared to the traditional human-operated cradles that dangles off the building. The drone has hoses and sponges attached so it can clean the windows.

The cleaning process gets monitored to ensure the windows are cleaned properly without issues. A stable position with its stabilisation system stops the drone from moving around in the wind. The drone has got a camera attached for the people that are monitoring it on the ground.

The drone gets fixed to a base on the ground so it can have a hose and power cable connected to it. Because of the power cable and hose the drone has a maximum height of 350 meters. The height limit could increase in further development too.


The video below features the drone cleaning some windows. The drone has a safety cable that gets attached to the top of the building, the safety cable is in place to prevent the drone from falling in a catastrophic event.



Read more about it in this article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/window-washing-drone-for-skyscrapers-could-replace-human-cleaners/


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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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