Ravenhall Prison Project – Industrial 4GX Site to Site VPN Solution

Ravenhall Prison Project – Industrial 4GX Site to Site VPN Solution

We have had the privilege to work with our client over the last few weeks to design a network routing solution between their Moorabbin head office and Ravenhall prison project site office.

Due to a major black spot in the Ravenhall district, the lack of cell reception was debilitating the team on site as they were unable to perform their duties by accessing internet services and company data across VPN. After a thorough selection process and many hours of testing we procured, configured and deployed a world class Industrial 4GX VPN device, coupled with dual external MIMO LTE antennas mounted to a 3 metre mast the results proved to be a success.

We were able to achieve an increase of 800% – 1000% in bandwidth at each site with a healthy jump from 1.5Mbps Downstream / 0.4Mbps Upstream to a 16Mbps Downstream / 30Mbps Upstream at the Ravenhall site office and a consistent 30Mbps Downstream / 30Mbps Upstream at the Moorabbin head office – this was a dramatic improvement from their existing business grade ADSL 2+ service which is currently running at 3Mbps Downstream / 0.8Mbps Upstream due to their distance from the telephone exchange and limitation of fibre/ethernet network services in the Morrabbin district.

Network file transfer rates proved a healthy 8Mbps-10Mbps across the Site to Site VPN Link.

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Nicholas Guarnaccia
Nicholas Guarnaccia
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